FN's generalsekretærs forgæves forsøg på at stoppe terrorstaterne Israel, USA og EU

FN's generalsekretær Antonio Guterres forsøgte fredag forgæves at overbevise USA om at støtte kravet om indstilling af folkemordet i Gaza. Guterres sagde:

“We have already seen the spillover in the occupied West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. There is clearly, in my view, a serious risk of aggravating existing threats to the maintenance of international peace and security.”

“The risk of collapse of the humanitarian system is fundamentally linked to the complete lack of safety and security for our staff in Gaza and with the nature and intensity of military operations which are severely limiting access to people in desperate need.”

The threat to the safety and security of United Nations staff in Gaza is unprecedented. More than 130 of my colleagues have already been killed, many with their families. This is the largest single loss of life in the history of our organisation.

“I cannot emphasise strongly enough the UN is totally committed to stay and deliver for the people of Gaza. And I pay tribute to the heroic humanitarian aid workers who remain committed to their work despite the enormous dangers to their health and their lives. But the situation is simply becoming untenable”.

Intense bombardments and hostilities, Israeli restrictions on movement, fuel shortages and interrupted communications make it impossible for UN agencies and their partners to reach most of the people in need.

The people of Gaza are being told to move like human pinballs, ricocheting between ever smaller slivers of the south without any of the basics of survival. But nowhere in Gaza is safe.

“Gazans are running out of food.

“The WFP has provided food and cash assistance to hundreds and thousands of people across Gaza since the crisis began and is ready to scale up its operations. However, that would require effective access to all people in need and at least 40 trucks of food supplies a day, many times the current level.”

Terrorstaten USA nedlagde derefter veto i Sikkerhedsrådet for at lade Israel uanfægtet fortsætte folkemordet. USA's stilling blev læst op af Robert Wood, men var skrevet af Israel. US Udenrigsministerium havde ikke engang læst korrektur, og lod Wood sige at Hamas' "angreb" 7/10 var det "værste angreb på vort folk i årtier". Mens EU er USA's skødehund i Europa, er USA Israels skødehund på det amerikanske kontinent.