FN's sag mod Israels besættelse af Palæstina ved ICJ. 6. dag med erklæringer

Mandag gav de sidste af over 50 lande samt en række organisationer deres vidnesbyrd i Haag ved ICJ's behandling af FN's sag mod Israel for dets illegale besættelse af Palæstina. Domstolen vil nu bruge ca. 6 måneder inden den vil afsige en kendelse.

Israel anerkender ikke domstolen og vil ignorere dens kendelse. Det samme vil de vestlige terrorstater, der militært, politisk og økonomisk bakker op om terrorstatens besættelse af Palæstina.

Men for resten af verden vil det udstille Vestens totale hykleri i spørgsmålet om menneskerettigheder, international lov, Genevekonventionerne og folkemord. Vestens terrorstater har en lang historie for selv at bryde de samme konventioner.

The conflict could have been settled by now if international law and human rights law had been upheld and the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people had been recognised.
The conflict is not about a certain Palestinian faction or group. The conflict dates back to an earlier century.
The real obstacle to peace is obvious: The deepening occupation by Israel of the Palestinian territories and a failure to implement a two-state solution as the underlying issues.
Israeli actions have violated the sanctity of holy sites, including Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Incidents such as the storming of the mosque by settlers were a response to “heinous calls by Israeli politicians”.
Turkey is concerned by the Israeli government’s plan to limit access for Muslims to holy sites during the holy month of Ramadan.

Recognises the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to self-determination as well as the legitimate security needs of the Israeli people.
Both have a duty to respect international human rights law and international humanitarian law.
A solution to the conflict should not place “blame squarely on one party” but rather advance a negotiated solution that would culminate in a two-state solution.

Arabiske Liga
Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories is the last oppressive, expansionist apartheid settler colonial occupation still standing in the 21st century.
This prolonged occupation is an affront to international justice. The failure to bring it to an end has led to the current horrors perpetrated against the Palestinian people, amounting to genocide.
There can be no moral or juridical justification for occupying lands, killing, terrorising and displacing their populations.
Only the rule of law, not the prevailing law of the jungle, will pave the way to peace in the whole region.
Ending the occupation is the gateway to peaceful coexistence.
Palestinian people have been denied the exercise of their legal right to self-determination through the more than century-long, violent, colonial racist effort to establish a nation-state exclusively for the Jewish people in the land of Mandatory Palestine.
There is no backdoor legal basis for Israel to maintain the occupation, through the imperatives of occupation and human rights law.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
Israel’s unjustified and unpunished use of violence against the Palestinians leads to more violence in response that, in turn, leads to an infernal cycle of vengeance.
Vengeance naturally favours the strongest. This is the murderous chain of events tragically taking place. An impartial third party was needed to break this chain.
It falls to your court when you hand down this opinion to bring all of this conflict back under the spotlight of the law.
OIC condemns the Israeli aggression on Gaza, which has given rise to massive war crimes and a risk of genocide.
OIC calls on a “just lasting and comprehensive peace based on the two-state solution.
Countries should cease exporting arms and munitions to the occupation authorities, knowing that the army and the settlers are using them against the Palestinian people.

He then denounced crimes committed by Israel in the occupied West

African Union (AU)
Professor Mohamed Helal, reiterates the bloc’s call to end Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.
The injustice being wrought against the people of Gaza makes it imperative to end Israel’s impunity and hold it accountable for the rule of law.
The court of history may very well judge the credibility of international law on the basis of the outcome of these proceedings.
The international community has let down the Palestinian people, but the African Union has faith that in this court; justice will prevail.
The betrayal of the sacred trust, that is, the self-determination of the Palestinian people, is an enduring injustice that pleads to be remedied.
Nothing can justify the unspeakable suffering and horrors inflicted on the population of Gaza.
The Israeli “ruthless war machine” has led to the devastation of the Palestinian population, schools, places of worship, homes and hospitals.
This case is an opportunity for the court to end Israel’s “impunity”.
The case does not hinge on a dispute between two “equal parties”, but an asymmetrical situation in which an oppressed people is confronted with an occupying power.