Verdens humanitære organisationer fordømmer USA's støtte til folkemordet i Gaza

Menneskerettighedsorganisationer og humanitære organisationer verden over fordømte fredag USA's støtte til Israels folkemord i Gaza:

Agnes Callamard, Amnesty International: “The US has displayed a callous disregard for civilian suffering in the face of a staggering death toll, extensive destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe happening in the occupied Gaza Strip.”

Human Rights Watch: “By continuing to provide Israel with weapons [and] diplomatic cover as it commits atrocities, including collectively punishing the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza, the US risks complicity in war crimes.”

Læger uden GrænserBy continuing to provide diplomatic cover for the ongoing atrocities in Gaza, the US is signalling that international humanitarian law can be applied selectively – and that the lives of some people matter less than the lives of others.

UK-based Save the Children and seven other aid organisations say they were “appalled” at the failure of the UN Security Council on Friday to pass a resolution demanding a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

If implemented, this would have provided much-needed respite for civilians in Gaza who are under constant bombardment. This was a missed opportunity to stop the violence,” they said in a joint statement.

We are two months into the crisis and complete siege of Gaza. Gaza is now the deadliest place for civilians in the world.